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February 29, 2020  •  3:00pm

Private Residence in Scripps Ranch

(address provided after ticket purchase)


Marie-Agathe Charpagne is an extraordinary French pianist who combines technical precision with incredible musical artistry. She is a prize winner of international competitions including the 2016 Ile-de-France competition and the 2019 San Diego International Piano Competition and Festival for Outstanding Amateurs. After graduating from the French Conservatory of Music with high honors, she continued her piano education at the Academy of Music in Monaco, and has given recitals in England, Switzerland, Luxemburg, France, Italy and the US.

She had a PhD in materials science from the School of Mines in Paris, France and is currently working at UC Santa Barbara on design and processes of high temperature materials for gas turbines engines and spacecraft.

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased by visiting our website and all proceeds go to AmateurPianists. This benefit concert takes place in a private residence in Scripps Ranch, and the exact location will be sent to you after your ticket is purchased.

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