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Saturday, February 8, 2020  •  3:00pm

Greene Music

7480 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126


The Alexander Technique is a discovery in mind/body awareness that is key to unleashing your potential and finding the ease in everything you do. Whether you want to improve your piano performance and reduce performance anxiety, or just improve your posture and gain ease and comfort in your daily activities, the Alexander Technique will give you a way to improve no matter what your level of skill. Come join us and you will learn some ideas and a practice you can use all your life to reduce stress, enhance your physical coordination, and uncover your innate ease in piano performance or anything you do.

Eileen Troberman is a master teacher of the Alexander Technique. For over 35 years, she's been teaching the Technique to pianists and others both locally and around the world. She's taught in the music departments of UCSD and SDSU and currently teaches the Technique in the Old Globe graduate acting program at USD and UCSD. She also gives private lessons in her studio in Encinitas, California, where she works with pianists and people of all interests to help them have efficient pain-free movement. You can learn more about her and about the Technique on her website:

Tickets are not required to attend this free event, but you may RSVP on Meetup as well as Facebook.

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