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How to Memorize a Piece-

Effective Strategies for Pianists

Saturday, July 25, 2020  •  3:00pm PDT

A Virtual Event


AmateurPianists is delighted to have Dr. Jeeyoon Kim speak on a topic that is both important and often frustrating to musicians - committing a piece to memory!


Many of you know her or have heard of this celebrated pianist who continues to perform at Carnegie Hall, the Stradivari Society in Chicago, and the Chamber Music Society in San Francisco, along with many other venues. She is superbly qualified to speak on this critical topic with her focus on piano performance as well as music education and pedagogy.

Jeeyoon has thrilled audiences with her CDs and her innovative approach to classical performances and her ability to inspire audiences and her piano students. For more information, visit her site:

Please register for this event here.

You will receive a Zoom invitation prior to July 25 and be prepared for an exciting experience with this wonderful pianist and her unique style!

For questions, please email or call 619-746-1987.

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