Saturday, June 20, 2020  •  3:30pm

Greene Music

7480 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126

This is a special recital just for piano students.

We are eliminating our minimum age limit of 18 years for this event, so this is a great opportunity for both young and mature pianists to play. Come and support this extravaganza of musical talent of all age groups.

The event is FREE to the audience and everyone in the community is welcome to attend! (AmateurPianists encourages adults to play piano and believes in enabling access to piano performance.) 

Piano teachers can nominate their outstanding students by sending an email here. This is a great opportunity for their students to play a prepared piece on a concert grand piano in front of a supportive audience. Click here to register to perform.

Performers are allocated a maximum of 10 minutes each. Please submit your request by June 1 so we can review the submittals and notify you regarding your piano students. Participants should be currently studying with the teacher who recommended them. Selected pianists will be asked to contribute $20.00 to support AmateurPianists. In the case of duets or ensembles, each musician would be asked to contribute $10.00.


Tickets are not required to attend this free event, but you may RSVP on Meetup as well as Facebook.


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