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2022 San Diego International Piano Competition & Festival For Outstanding Amateurs

AmateurPianists is pleased to announce the 2022 San Diego International Piano Competition and Festival For Outstanding Amateursa classical music tour de force for nonprofessionals from all walks of life. This event will take place June 24–26, 2022It is a showcase for amateur pianists from all over the world, age 25 and above, to formally compete or simply perform in our non-competitive festival in a world-class concert hall. (Applications are closed!)

We welcome volunteers! If you want to help, please sign up here.


This event is FREE to attend. Please consider a donation by visiting us at

AmateurPianists is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in San Diego, California that provides performance opportunities for amateur pianists of all professions, backgrounds, and skill levels. Since its formation in 2011, AmateurPianists has grown to over 2,000 Meetup members. Join us as an audience member, or sign up to perform on stage for one of our upcoming events.


PO Box 881053, San Diego, CA 92168

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