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AmateurPianists is a 501c3 non-profit orga­ni­zation founded in 2011 by Glenn Kramer to provide perfor­mance oppor­tu­nities for amateur pianists of all profes­sions, backgrounds, and skill levels. Since its formation, AmateurPianists has grown to over 2,000 Meetup members, which includes pianists and non-pianists alike. Perfor­mances are held at various venues—from recital halls and libraries to churches and private homes. The group also provides educa­tional oppor­tu­nities, such as masterclasses and lectures on perfor­mance practice, the history of clas­sical music, and much more.

One of our key events is the San Diego International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs—this competition is held every 3 years since 2016. Our next competition will be from June 24–26, 2022. With the addition of our non-competitive Festival portion, even more amateurs will an opportunity to play and be heard.


Clas­sical music should be enjoyable and accessible to everyone, and AmateurPi­anists serves to facil­itate this mission by connecting pianists with audiences.

Our Mission is fourfold: (1) to provide performance opportunities for adult amateur pianists of all professions and backgrounds, (2) to enable free access to piano music at recitals and other events for audience members of all ages and walks of life, (3) to offer learning opportunities through masterclasses and lectures, and (4) to host the San Diego International Piano Competition and Festival for Outstanding Amateurs.


Glenn Kramer


Board of Directors

Sonya Schumann — Chair

Keith Weibrecht — Treasurer

Dallas Plikuhn — Secretary

Glenn Kramer — Director, Graphics

Yang Shen — Director, Technology

Songqing Wen — Director

Lulu Hsu — Director

Jason Chen — Director

Past Directors

Mark Chen

Gorden Cheng

Judy Cheng

Tavner Delcamp

Earlene Dunbar

John Evans

Susan Fairbrother

Tessa Heunis

Naomi Hobbs

Betty Ann Hoehn

Kyle Hohn

Ava Payne

Gary Poon

Galina Shekhtman

Rewa Colette Soltan

Howard Wang

Siyuan Zhou

Fred Zuill

Connie Almond

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