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Congratulations to the winners this year!!!

image - Jon Lee.jpeg

Jon Lee

First Prize

piano-portrait-3a - David Lee.jpeg

David Lee

2nd Prize

Hitomi Sato (1) - Hitomi Sato.jpeg

Hitomi Sato

3rd Prize

AD1D8FF7-9D23-4238-B296-C41B7D1105E6 - Ian Roy.jpeg

Ian Roy

Best Baroque Period

Irene Longacre-Whiteside_SD - IRENE WHITESIDE.jpeg

Irene Longacre-Whiteside

Best Classical Period

DSC_7134 - Jorge Zamora.jpeg

Jorge Zamora

Best Romantic Period

2E7AC410-3EDB-4F63-8D7C-6F908DC6451B - Andy Liao.jpeg

Andy Liao

Best Modern Period

Headshot - Jason Chen.jpeg

Jason Chen

Spirit of the Competition

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